About Us


CIEL Pâtisserie is about pure, unadulterated goodness in your favourite French based pastries and sweets.

Born out of the belief that good desserts do not have to be fancy or pricey, Ciel serves simple yet wholesome sweets. Ciel's desserts are deeply satisfying, not to mention, they taste absolutely heavenly as well!

Made with the freshest and finest ingredients, Ciel takes pride in our decadent desserts perfect for a hearty celebration or an everyday treat. It is always on the top of our mind to provide both quality and value in a piece of goodness.

This is why we are called Ciel, pronounced see-el, meaning 'sky' or 'heaven' in French - we believe Ciel is where everyone can truly have a slice of heaven.


Born with a sweet tooth, Chara developed a love for desserts and pastries while growing up. Taking a gap year in 2009 in Australia, she experienced sheer joy when people around her enjoyed her homemade desserts. It was then that she started baking with passion and the desire to bring joy to all who eat her creations.

Taking the opportunity to hone her baking skills and work towards a career in the culinary arts, she studied at renowned French Culinary Arts School, Le Cordon Bleu Paris and graduated with a Diploma in Pâtisserie in 2010 at a tender age of 20.

Upon graduation and completion of an apprenticeship with Fauchon, Paris, she returned to Singapore to fulfill her dream of sharing her delicious creations.

Determined to share the magic, Chara set up her own little pâtisserie where fine desserts were created whilst strictly following the philosophy of French and European techniques. Her pastries, tarts and cakes were very well-received and by the continual support and compliments received from her satisfied customers, she was motivated to expand the pastry boutique to a pâtisserie café, where she hopes everyone can indulge in heavenly goodness.